01/10/17: Employee Effectiveness - Employee nomination workflow

Introducing the ability for employees to nominate 360° reviewers inside of Culture Amp

Culture Amp Employee Effectiveness empowers employees to own their feedback process by nominating 360° reviewers directly through the Culture Amp platform. This new feature not only saves time for administrators, but empowers employees to own their feedback process by simply and easily nominating their ideal group of feedback providers.

How it works

Making use of the new Employee Nomination workflow is easy.

When you open the “Start a 360°” screen inside of one of your Individual Effectiveness (360) surveys, you will see two slightly different options to kick off a new process. If you know all of the participants who you want to capture feedback from you can simply add them here and click “Create and Launch” to start the process as you did before. If you instead want to have the employee nominate their own reviewers, just select an employee and their coach, then click “Create.”

The employee you selected will receive an email notification with a link to a dialogue which will allow them to nominate fellow employees to provide feedback to them.

Once the employee has nominated reviewers, you'll see that the status of their process will now be updated to “Ready.” At this point, you can either click the play button to launch the 360° process directly from your dashboard, or double check the participants and Launch from there.

Start using it today

The employee nomination workflow is already available across all new and existing Individual Effectiveness and other 360 surveys. If you're using Culture Amp Employee Engagement or new to the Culture Amp platform and would like to learn more, get in touch with us.

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