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We began creating a standard for measuring inclusion in the Fall of 2015, when we realized having a diverse and inclusive culture is critical for culture-first companies. Most of the reported metrics today are based on representation – and the demographics are behind the times, so we set out to create a new standard for measuring inclusivity based on the employee experience and that happens to also tie to business outcomes. We’ve partnered with Paradigm consulting, as they are industry leaders in the space. They’ve helped us make a question set and demographic set that is really as inclusive as it gets.

Should you have any questions about running this survey, please reach out to and we would be happy to assist you. Because of the sensitive nature of the questions and legal considerations in different countries, extra care should be taken by stakeholders and survey admins.

Common Logistics Questions

  • For extra confidentiality purposes, this survey is in the unattributed format. This means responses aren’t tied to any employee data, not even email or IP address. This guarantees 100% anonymity to respondents but it also means we can’t track your participation rates or send invites/reminders from the system.
  • We strongly discourage any edits to the existing questions because of the research put into them and because of the benchmark comparison. We’re also producing demographic-level benchmarks, so stick as closely as possible to the demographic questions.
  • However, the survey is very US-centric when it comes to the self-select diversity demographics. If you’re launching the survey in another country, you'll want to pay extra attention to demographic options and specific language used.
  • Preliminary benchmarks are available for the Inclusion survey rating questions at this time. Please reach out to request that the benchmark be loaded after you launch your survey.
  • If you’d like to launch this open source survey in a separate Inclusion account for extra confidentiality, we can create a new account for you. Just contact to request access to a second account.
  • We highly recommend that you clearly pre-communicate this survey to your employee population!
  • Once you've run the survey, we can add you to our private Inclusion Survey channel on our People Geeks Slack channel to talk to other companies who have already run the survey.

Access the survey at no cost (for non-Customers), for a limited time

Please reach out to to get access!

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