Focus Agent Summary

How can teams find focus for action?
Any employee survey will yield thousands of data points. Even well-designed surveys and reporting platforms can result in an overwhelming amount of data to navigate. This presents a challenge to leaders and managers in sifting through the data to surface results that, if acted upon, can most improve employee engagement. Historically, companies have relied on HR teams and external consultants to analyze survey results and provide leaders with a summary of the strengths and potential focus areas; this can be time-consuming and costly.

What is the Focus Agent?
With our intelligent Focus Agent, Culture Amp is leading the way in automating and simplifying how companies and teams identify focus areas in their survey results. The Focus Agent is a statistical bot, embedded within all Culture Amp survey analytics, that processes the different data points that an IO Psychology expert would typically consider in determining which questions or demographics to focus on. Its primary goal is to help you quickly find those areas where action will most likely have the greatest impact on employee engagement (or your outcome of focus).

This bot is a result of extensive research and learning (it is adjusted over time based on how it is used as our internal experts train it). To develop it, we drew on the experience of our IO psychologists as they took customers through their results. We also tested different approaches in workshops and we experimented with a wide variety of data, receiving feedback along the way from our customers on what yielded the most accurate recommendation.

What data does the Focus Agent consider?
For each report, the Focus Agent considers things such as:

  • The degree to which results from each survey question predict the outcome measure is a crucial factor (e.g. employee engagement, manager effectiveness etc.), otherwise known as our driver or impact analysis
  • The likelihood of improving the focus area based on the associated survey question result
  • The relative question performance, taking into account relevant internal and/or external benchmarks that are loaded for the report (multiple benchmarks are balanced together)

How does the Focus Agent work?
The Focus Agent crunches the data available in your report to highlight those questions it recommends you focus on first. The bot is smart. If some of these data elements are not available, then the Focus Agent will simply place more emphasis on the elements that are present. For example, if a report does not include external benchmarks, then it will simply not consider them, and more heavily weigh the other factors in making a recommendation.

To keep the functionality simple and clear for your managers, the algorithm uses question level data, and does not consider demographic results. This means that adding filters will not impact our recommendations. Demographic-dispersion related focus recommendations are currently being tested outside the platform, and will be included in future versions of the focus agent.

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