2017 Engagement Benchmarks

Want to know why our benchmarks standout?

Benchmarks can provide you with some additional and important insight. You can read some more about our general advice on using benchmarks here if you haven't already.

The following provides a summary of the 2017 Employee Engagement benchmarks available. You can request any of these be included in your dashboards. We'll assess the match to our core questions and you'll see the relevant benchmark data in your reports. 

Remember you'll mostly see this at the question level unless you have exact matches for all questions in a given survey factor. Benchmarks are best interpreted at the question level anyway.

You should also consider benchmarks from a hiring and retention point of view. Sometimes people look for an exact industry match (like one would for customer benchmarks) whereas they are often hiring and losing people from a much larger range of industries - narrowing your comparison can be misleading. 

Finally, don't get too focused on the specifics with benchmarks because they move around a little from year to year and they should be thought of as providing context rather than precision. 

Here's the current list of the 2017 benchmarks available at the moment (more to come).

2017 Benchmarks currently available

Industry Benchmarks

Geography Benchmarks

Other Benchmarks

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