04/10/17: Effectiveness - Introducing the new 360° Process Manager

The new Process Manager

We've made some significant improvements to the "All Activity" making it easier than every to create and manage ongoing 360° processes. In doing so, we've also renamed the page as the Process Manager to more accurately reflect its purpose.


There are three main improvements we'd like to familiarize you with including the Progress Overview Report, improved 360° cards, and Customer Success assisted bulk 360° process creation.

Progress Overview Report

The progress overview provides a snapshot of all the current 360° process in a given survey so you can easily track completion across all of the 360° processes for a given survey. 


The background shading gives you a visual indication of where most of the processes are sitting and you can click on a count to quickly filter down to only see processes in that stage.

Improved 360° cards

We've also made some improvements to 360° cards in the process manager. 


You'll notice that we added descriptive headers to the table that indicate what the key information in each card is. More importantly, the headers also give you the ability to sort all of the cards in your dashboard by Name, Coach, Responses, and Status.

Create Batches of 360° Processes and Bulk Launch

In addition to the improvements around managing processes, we've also made it easier to Create and Launch batches of 360° processes.

As a way to enhance the nomination workflow for larger roll outs of 360° feedback, you can now work with our customer success team to create a large batch of 360° feedback processes. All you have to do is send our support team a list of employee email addresses and their coaches, then voila -- each employee will receive an invitation to nominate reviewers.


From there, employees will begin to nominate reviewers and the status of the process will be updated to "Ready." These ready processes can be launched by you all once from the process manager. Just filter by status to "Ready" then click the big green launch button.


If you're interested in learning more about Culture Amp Employee Effectiveness and 360° feedback, get in touch with us.

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