Emerging benchmarks

Culture Amp's significant growth in customers has resulted in a number of potential new industry benchmarks. However, we have very strict rules for creating our standard benchmarks (see what makes our benchmarks special). That said, we also recognize that customers from an increasing variety of industries are using our platform and would like to compare to other companies in their industry.

To meet customer needs, we have created a new class of benchmarks, our "emerging benchmarks" which have lower requirements for creation. The minimum number of companies needed to create an emerging industry benchmark is 15 organizations. See the standard benchmarking guidelines here. That means that each of these emerging benchmarks represent at least 15 different organization cultures.

While we believe these benchmarks are a reliable representation of the industries they represent, because of the lower requirements relative to our standard benchmarks, these benchmarks may be more variable from year to year. Therefore, while we encourage the use of our emerging benchmarks, we recommend that you also use one of our stable industry or geography based benchmarks alongside it.

To see a full list of our standard 2017 Benchmarks, you can go here. We are capturing exponentially more data for benchmarks each year and industry benchmarks may emerge mid year. Therefore all our emerging benchmarks will not be published individually on the Academy. To find out if your industry is an emerging industry benchmark, please reach out to

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