Getting Started with Culture Amp

When you sign in to Culture Amp you'll see your Survey Browser tab, which displays all of the surveys you have access to. Surveys can be sorted and filtered by key survey attributes such as Created Date or Status; which may be Draft for surveys yet to launch, Open for surveys currently in progress, Closed for surveys that have completed, or Archived surveys.


Draft Surveys

Surveys in draft status are yet to be launched. Survey and Account Administrators have access to survey administration functions prepare the survey for go live.


Open Surveys

Open surveys are currently in progress collecting feedback from survey participants. Depending on your role, you can:

Effectiveness and Experience (such as Onboard or Exit) Surveys have additional Activity dashboards that can be accessed by clicking on the open survey link.


Closed Surveys

Closed surveys are no longer accepting responses from survey participants. As for active surveys, you can view reports and access the Configure page.


Archived Surveys

When a survey is no longer being used, it can be Archived by an administrator. Archiving a survey removes it from the Surveys Browser page for all users. Only the Survey Administrators or Account Administrators can unarchive the survey to return it to the Surveys Browser page by switching the survey status from Archived back to Current.


Can’t see much after signing in?

The surveys and reports you have access to are determined by the Account Administrator. If you believe you're missing access to a survey, please contact your HR representative or the Culture Amp Support Team at


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