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When Administrators sign in to Culture Amp they'll see the Surveys page, which displays all of the surveys they have access to. Surveys can be sorted by name, type of survey, created date, or updated date.


Surveys can be filtered by status: Current for draft surveys yet to launch or live surveys currently in progress, Closed for surveys that have completed, or Archived surveys that are older and have less need to be referenced.

There are also Survey Type filters:

  • Engagement - engagement surveys, wellbeing surveys, inclusion surveys, benefits surveys, values surveys
  • Experience - candidate surveys, onboarding surveys, intern surveys, exit surveys
  • Effectiveness - 360s, team effectiveness, manager effectiveness surveys

Draft Surveys

Surveys in draft status are yet to be launched, and are still being prepared by Survey Administrators or Account Administrators.

Click Edit survey button to access survey configuration pages.

Click drop-down near View reports button and:

Live Surveys

Live surveys are currently in progress collecting feedback from survey participants. You can:

Click View reports button to access survey reports.

Click drop-down near View reports button and choose Edit survey to access survey configuration pages.

Closed Surveys

Closed surveys are no longer accepting responses from survey participants. As for active surveys, you can view reports and access the configuration pages to set up access to reports.

Click View reports button to access survey reports.

Archived Surveys

When a survey is no longer being used, it can be Archived by an administrator. Only the Survey Administrators or Account Administrators can unarchive the survey.

Click drop-down near View reports button and click Restore to move the archived survey back to it's original section, Current or Closed.

Can’t see much after signing in?

The surveys you have access to are determined by the Account Administrator or Survey Administrator. If you believe you're missing access to a survey, please contact your HR representative or the Culture Amp Support Team at

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