Creating Surveys

You must be an Account Administrator to create surveys. You can add surveys to your Culture Amp account on the Survey Browser page. Each survey has a count of questions and time estimate to complete the survey, to help you choose the best survey for your needs. Creating surveys can be done in one of three ways: duplicate existing, create from template, or create a blank survey.


Duplicate/copy an existing survey

You can use a survey that has already been designed or used at your organization.

  1. Click the More button for a specific survey on the Survey Browser page
  2. Click the Duplicate button.


See Copy an existing survey for additional tips.


Create a new survey from a template

Use one of our survey templates to get up and running fast. To see a list of Culture Amp templates, click the Template Library link on the Survey Browser pageYou can preview a template or add it to your Survey Browser page.



Create a blank survey

If no existing surveys and templates really suit what you're looking for, you can make your own survey using the Create Blank Survey button. This creates a survey with zero questions so you can add as many custom questions as you want.

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