07/20/17: Introducing the new Survey Browser

We want our customers to find the same ease and benefits from using our platform, no matter if they have been with Culture Amp for five days or five years. With that in mind, we've redesigned the first screen you see when logging into Culture Amp, the Survey Browser, so you can quickly and simply access the right survey at any time.



So What's Different About the New Design?

The updated Survey Browser has a couple key changes that make it easier to manage existing surveys, prepare new surveys, and view the right reports.

1) Users can filter and sort the Survey Browser to access the right survey — or survey template.


2) Each Survey Browser row is clickable and links to a specific survey page based on the status of that survey. For example, clicking on Open/Closed surveys directs users to view reports while clicking on Draft surveys directs users to survey administration.




3) Key actions, like archiving or duplicating a survey, are directly available to account administrators via the contextual menu on the right side of the browser.



4) Culture Amp's world class survey templates are accessible with one click, while the process of creating surveys is simplified as well.




Get started with the new Survey Browser

The updated Survey Browser is available to all Culture Amp Employee Engagement and Employee Effectiveness customers at no additional cost.

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