06/07/17: Introducing the Focus Agent

With Culture Amp's Focus Agent, there's now an easy, automated, and research backed way to equip leaders and managers with the insight they need to focus their action.


The Focus Agent is a statistical recommendation engine, seamlessly embedded into Culture Amp reports, that processes the different data points that an IO psychology expert might consider in determining which questions to focus on. Its primary goal is to help you quickly find the areas where action will most likely have the greatest impact on employee engagement (or your outcome of focus).


After extensive research, learning and testing with Culture Amp's 1000+ customers, we honed in on four key areas that help determine where to focus:

  1. Degree to which results from each question predict the outcome (e.g. Employee Engagement)
  2. Distribution of scores in the underlying data
  3. Likelihood of improvement for the focus area
  4. Relative question performance to internal and external benchmarks

Using these criteria, the Focus Agent crunches the data available in your report to highlight and recommend where to focus first. This saves time and effort that the HR team would spend in training and rolling out results to managers, and at the same time gives your leadership confidence that people across the business will have the information they need to take the right action on survey results.

The focus agent will automatically be enabled for Culture Amp customers on Wednesday June 14th.

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