File formats for employee data file

NOTE: The Import Users process cannot be reversed. If you are unsure about any aspect of the process contact

Users must be added to Culture Amp if they are to be included in surveys, or require access to Culture Amp's survey reports. It is possible to upload this user data from an Excel spreadsheet or via any other tool that allows the file to be saved with a file extension of XLSX or CSV

It's important to note that Mac and PC Operating Systems do not treat Excel files in the same way. As a result, uploading the same Excel file from a Mac may encounter errors whereas Excel files from Windows would have no issue.

Recommended File Formats and Operating Systems

WARNING: CSV and CSV UTF-8 file uploads from the Macintosh version of Excel will encounter issues because the Mac version of Excel fails to properly encode CSV-type files. This leads to characters being replaced with inappropriate substitute characters and will generate inconsistent data as well as errors during imports. If you use a Macintosh and must manipulate a file in CSV format, we recommend never opening the file in Microsoft Excel. Instead, use Numbers or a similar software program that appropriately encodes these files.

If you use a Mac, we recommend:

  • Uploading XLSX files modified in Microsoft Excel 
  • Uploading CSV or XLSX files modified in Numbers

If you use a Windows PC, we recommend:

  • Uploading CSV or XLSX files modified in Microsoft Excel

These file formats automatically save user data in UTF-8, or Unicode Transformation Format - 8 bit. UTF-8 files successfully encode and display the majority of symbols that can be generated on a computer. Culture Amp can analyze these file formats in the vast majority of cases.

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