Individual Effectiveness (360°) Participation Report


When running Individual Effectiveness (360°) surveys, survey administrators can access the aggregate Participation report from the side menu bar. 

What is the Individual Effectiveness Participation report? 

The Participation report aggregates response rate to feedback requests across all 360° processes in a survey. As the survey progresses and more reviewers submit their feedback responses, response rate will increase in real time in the report. 

The top Response Rate section displays the overall participation in the survey:

In this example, out of 21 request for feedback, reviewers submitted 7 responses, which is an overall 33% response rate.  

All 21 feedback requests were generated by 5 employees, of whom only 1 submitted her self review. 

The bottom Feedback Requests sections provides a more detailed view of participation in the survey. Administrators can choose to view the report arranged by Employees, or by Reviewers:

 In this example, the report is arranged by Employees. Employee Gerald Garfunkel requested 2 reviewers to provide feedback, of whom only one submitted their response so far. 

Similarly, administrators can choose to arrange the report by Reviewers:

In this example, reviewer Phil Rouse has been asked to provide feedback for 7 employees. Phil is very engaged with the 360° surveying process, and already submitted his feedback to all 7 employees. Kudos to Phil!

How can I use this report?

The purpose of this report is to help administrators better control the 360° surveying process by providing a view of survey progression. In addition, the report helps administrators balance requests workload by providing a detailed view of response rate per employee and reviewer. 

For example, a low participation rate towards the survey due date may suggest that reviewers need another gentle reminder to submit their feedback. 

Another example is if a reviewers has been asked to submit feedback for 20 different employees, an administrator may choose to balance the workload of that reviewer and remove her from certain 360° processes.


1. When can I start seeing data on the Participation report? 

The participation report is available as soon as the survey is launched. Until reviewers start providing feedback, response rate would be 0%. 

2. Can I share the Participation report with others? 

Not yet, we'll let you know when this functionality becomes available.

3. Can I limit the number of times a reviewers receives requests for feedback? 

You can't limit the number of requests per reviewer in the platform. We've seen that such a limitation creates an unfair advantage to employees who were able to requests feedback from the most sought after reviewers first.

One option to address this issues is to edit the survey communications, asking employees to nominate no more than X reviewers to provide feedback for them. Another option is to use the participation report to balance the workload: see which employees have been requesting feedback from a large number of reviewers, and remove the popular reviewers from their 360° processes. 

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