Customizing Your Inspiration Engine

NOTE: This feature is currently in limited release. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.

To support your managers in taking action on results, we developed the Inspiration Engine to provide decision-makers with community-derived and real-world tested ideas for addressing specific focus areas related to employee experiences. The Inspiration Engine is a curated list of micro-learnings - easy to digest ideas and actions that our customers and others in our People Geek community have used with their employees. Inspirations are written to allow for simple replication and customization by users. They are also succinct so that managers and teams can efficiently peruse a list of ideas and pick those that best fit their team's needs and goals.

Tailoring the Inspiration Engine for Your Company

While the power of our Inspiration Engine comes from the collective intelligence of our community, we know that many of our customers want to share their own unique ideas for action with managers and teams. 

To customize the inspirations for a particular survey, select Inspirations under the Reports Configuration menu.



For each question in your survey, we will identify appropriate inspirations from the ones submitted by our community. You can browse the inspirations selected for your questions by navigating through the factors of your survey. To read the text of a specific inspiration, click the inspiration title, and a modal will appear with its description.



When reviewing the inspirations mapped to a question, you can choose to deselect an inspiration by clicking the Mapped checkmark next to it. By deselecting an inspiration, it will no longer appear to managers for the specific question when they are reviewing their results.

You can reselect the inspiration at any time, to allow it to appear to managers.


If you would like to add your own inspiration to a question, click the Add Custom Inspiration button. A modal will appear allowing you to enter the name, excerpt, and description of your inspiration.


Once added, this custom inspiration will appear as an inspiration for the specific question. This inspiration can also be added to other questions: click the Add Custom Inspiration button for a specific question, and browse through the custom inspirations you created.



Custom inspirations can be edited, removed from specific questions, or deleted, using the menu button to the right of the inspiration. NOTE: editing or deleting an inspiration will impact all instances of the inspiration.


Please contact if you have any questions about customizing the Inspiration Engine. 

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