09/11/17: Individual Effectiveness (360°) Insight and Participation Report

The new Individual Effectiveness Insight and Participation reports extend the benefits of employee centric 360° feedback to enable organizations to better understand development opportunities at an organizational level.

While the participation report gives you visibility into how employees are engaging in the feedback process, the Insight Report equips you with the knowledge you need to understand where the organization is excelling and which areas to focus on for improvement.

Use the top strengths chart to understand where the organization is excelling.  This information can help you understand whether or not L&D programs like leadership programs or manager training are having the impact you want. 


Use the top opportunities section to better understand where your organization can develop. Equipped with this information you can implement L&D programs to build employees skills, abilities, and behaviors based on the opportunities identified by their fellow employees. 


Use the manager feedback section to understand and coach managers on how they can better spend their time to be more effective. Not only does this insight guide managers towards action at the individual level, but it can also help you understand where to invest further in coaching, manager training, and determine whether or not existing managerial training practices are working.



Learn more about the reports here, or dive into the details of Insight report.

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