Individual Effectiveness: Employee's guide to 360s

The stages of a 360 review process

Your 360 review process will move through several stages from creation through to completion: 

  1. Nominate & launch
  2. Collect feedback & self review
  3. Review
  4. Complete

1. Nominate & Launch

You’ll be notified via slack or email to nominate reviewers for your 360. At this point, your 360 is in the Nominate state.

Sign in and find the Individual Effectiveness survey you're using


On your survey dashboard you’ll find your 360 in the Receive feedback section. Select the Nominate action.


Nominate the reviewers you'e like to ask for feedback and save your selection.


Your 360 is now in the Ready state. When your survey administrator is ready to go they will launch your process, and you will get a notification to proceed.

Need help? Have a look at our guide on who to ask for 360 feedback.

2. Collect feedback & self review

Once launched, your 360 is in the Collect state. Find your process in the Survey dashboard in the Receive feedback section. Any feedback you've been asked to give to others is in Give feedback.


From the dashboard you can do your Self review and Give feedback to others. You can hover over a status badge at any time to see the next due date.


Results are confidential, but not guaranteed to be anonymous. Under certain conditions a reviewer may self identify (intentionally or not) in the details of their feedback, or be explicitly identified via the makeup of the reviewers. 

Feedback you have given will move to the Completed feedback page 

Need help? Have a look at our tips for providing feedback.

3. Review

If your process is coached, your coach will responsible for making your feedback available to you.

If your process is uncoached, you can choose to view your feedback at any time. View feedback will close feedback responses for your 360 and make your feedback results available to you.


Once your results are available you can view the actual feedback in the Feedback Review. Your 360 is now in the Review state.


Record any insights, focuses and actions in the Feedback Review.


Need help understanding and acting on your feedback? Have a look at our guide on making the most of your 360 feedback.

When you are ready, Complete the process. Your 360 will move to the Complete state, and close your feedback review actions from further editing. This will move it out of your dashboard and into the Completed Feedback tab, where you report and notes will continue to be accessible for future reference.

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