Individual Effectiveness: Coach's guide to 360s


Note: Below is a technical guide to the 360 process, if you are looking for a guide on actually coaching an individual through feedback, click here

The stages of a 360 review process

A 360 review process you are coaching will move through several stages from creation through to completion: 

  1. Notification you're a coach
  2. Provide feedback (if requested)
  3. Share with the employee
  4. Coach employee to review & take action
  5. Complete

1. Notification you're a coach

You’ll be notified via slack or email when you’ve been added as coach for an employee's 360. When you sign in to Culture Amp you will see the coached 360 as a Waiting task on the homepage.


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You can Configure the 360 to change reviewers or Send reminders to nudge the employee to complete their nomination.

After the employee has nominated reviewers, the 360 is ready for launch by the survey administrator (or the employee themselves if the survey is Employee Driven).

2. Provide feedback (if requested)

After launch you may have been nominated as a reviewer by other employees, including any people you are coaching.

If so, the coached 360 will be in your open tasks until you Give feedback.


Need help? Have a look at our tips for providing feedback.

Feedback you have given to others will move to the Completed tasks. After you have given feedback to someone you are coaching, you can find their 360 in Waiting while it waits for all other other requested feedback reviews.


3. Share with employee

When all the reviewers have submitted their feedback or the due date has passed you will be notified that the 360 is ready to be shared. 


You can preview the employee's feedback report, and when you are satisfied that enough feedback has been given Share the feedback with the them.


This will close the 360 to responses for any unsubmitted feedback and make the results report available to the employee.

4. Coach employee to review & take action

After the feedback has been shared, you have until the completion date to work with the employee to review their feedback and record any insights, focus areas and actions in Take Action.


Record any insights, focus areas and actions in the Take Action.


5. Complete 

When you and the employee are happy with the action plan you can Complete the process. This will close the feedback review actions from further editing and complete the 360.

You will still be able to find the completed 360 any time via Show completed tasks, and the report itself is always accessible via Reports.


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