Individual Effectiveness: Coach's guide to 360s

The stages of a 360 review process

Your 360 review process will move through several stages from creation through to completion: 

  1. Notification you're a coach
  2. Provide feedback (if requested)
  3. Review
  4. Complete

1. Notification you're a coach

You’ll be notified via slack or email that you’ve been added as coach for an employee's 360. The 360 will be in the Collect state.

Sign in and find the Individual Effectiveness Survey referred to in the email.


On your Survey dashboard you'll find any new 360 process you’re coaching in the Coach on feedback section.


Manage your 360 via the ability to Configure participants to change reviewers or your coach, and Manage responses to remind reviewers who have not submitted feedback. 


You can hover over a status badge at any time to see the next due date.


2. Provide feedback (if requested)

From the dashboard you can Give feedback to others. In addition to coaching, you may have also been nominated as a reviewer. If so, the 360 will have Give feedback as it's main action until you have provided your feedback, after which the main action will become Share


Feedback you have given will move to the Completed feedback page 

Need help? Have a look at our tips for providing feedback.

You will be notified when when all your reviewers have submitted their feedback or the due date has passed. When you are satisfied that enough feedback has been given, and that the employee and the feedback are ready to meet, Share the feedback with the employee, closing responses of any unsubmitted feedback and making the results report available.


3. Review

Review feedback with the employee. The 360 is now in the Review state. 

After the feedback has been shared, you have until the completion date to review the feedback and Complete the process.


Record any insights, focuses and actions in the Feedback Review.


When you are ready, Complete the process. The 360 will move to the Complete state, and close the feedback review actions from further editing. This will move it out of your dashboard and into the Completed Feedback tab, where you report and notes will continue to be accessible for future reference.

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