10/02/17: Removing Coach state from Individual Effectiveness (360°) surveys

On October 2nd we removed the Coach state from Individual Effectiveness (360°) surveys. Learn more about the different 360° process states here.

Who is this change relevant for? 

If you are an administrator running 360° surveys that include coaches, or if you are coaching on 360° processes, this minor change is relevant for you. If a coach is guiding you through your 360° feedback, the impact you will see is minimal. 

If your company is running 360° surveys without coaches, you can ignore this update altogether, yay! 

Why did we make this change? 
Unlike other states, Coach isn't triggered by a specific action that is taken in a 360° process. In fact, it has the same functionality as Collect. Many of our Individual Effectiveness users reported the transition form Collect to Coach to be unintuitive, thought it closes the process for feedback submission, and asked us to revert processes back to Collect. Based on your feedback, we remove the Coach state so survey administrators and coaches will have a better user experience.

How does it impact your Individual Effectiveness (360°) surveys? 
All processes that were in the Coach state are now in Collect, filters will no longer include this state, and it will be removed from state indicators in the process manager and individual reports.

This is just a cosmetic change: it has no effect over due dates, on the ability to submit feedback, on the assigned coaches, nor or any other 360° process functionality. It does not change how existing or future coached flows work.

What do you need to do?
Nothing really. Just be aware of the change and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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