10/12/17: Introducing the new Import Wizard

People leaders want to build an employee feedback program that is seamless and scales with their organization. Until now, though, most feedback platforms have required too much maintenance and overhead from administrators, sucking up valuable hours uploading and updating basic company data instead of enabling real-time, valuable insights.

Culture Amp's redesigned Import Wizard provides a seamless, adaptable experience for People leaders and scales to the needs of any sized People-first company; enabling you to focus all your efforts on learning faster through feedback. Highlights include:

  • A powerful new engine that stores and tracks your employee data at lightning speed. 
  • The revamped interface that distills your data into a simple, digestible summary on a single screen while still extracting the insights you need to confidently upload accurate, actionable demographic data.



So What Do I Need To Know About the New Import Wizard?

The revamped Import Wizard has a couple key changes that make it easier to manage your employee data at scale

1) You can preview, remedy, and process your import in seconds

The new import wizard shares a high-level summary of your import/upload in a single dashboard that, if you wish, enables you to quickly process that import with a single click.


2) You can troubleshoot finicky data with ease by drilling down into the Ignored Data card

The new Import Wizard ensures your data is accurate and actionable by catching troublesome formatting, incorrect logic and more with easy-to-understand explanations that you can quickly action.



3) It's easy to understand not only who is being updated, but also what is being updated due to an upload

Drill down to understand the specific demographic data that will be modified as a result of an upload.



4) Understand exactly what is happening throughout the upload process

You want to understand what is happening throughout the entire upload process — not just what will happen after you process an upload. We've added more context and clarity to each stage of the process — as well as to error states — so you know what to do next.





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