Upload employee data with the Import Wizard feature

Culture Amp's Import Wizard provides a seamless, adaptable experience for People leaders so they can always keep their employee data up-to-date in the platform. The interface distills any upload into a simple, digestible summary on a single screen so you can confidently upload accurate, actionable demographic data.

Uploading Data

In a hurry to upload your employee data? The Import Wizard shares all you need to know about an employee data upload/integration sync on a single screen. You can quickly upload a file or initiate a sync from one of our HRIS integrations; review the impact of this update; and approve any changes by clicking the Start applying changes button in the Review import card.

If you are uploading employee information from a spreadsheet into Culture Amp, this file must:

  • Be complete, i.e. contain a row for every user in the organization to be surveyed
  • Use a file extension of CSV or XLSX
  • Not contain any special characters or punctuation in the file name
  • Only contain one sheet of data
  • Not use a password

You can download a copy of your existing file in Culture Amp, or if you would rather start from scratch, you can use our employee file template

To update your active employee information:

  1. Click Account Admin 
  2. Click Import Users 
  3. Upload a CSV or XLSX file; or sync data from your HRIS
  4. Click Review once the progress bar has completed on the Analyzing User Data page
  5. Click Start applying changes on the Review Import page once you are ready to process changes
  6. Your data will now begin to be processed and applied to your account. You can navigate to other parts of the platform or log off and the changes will still be applied.

No emails are sent to employees letting them know you added them to the platform. Once your survey has run, then you can invite them to sign in and look at reports.



Reviewing Import Details

You can also dive deeper into your data upload by either clicking the Show details link or selecting one of the five icons in the Summary of imported data dashboard.

Ignored Data

This section highlights any employees with improperly formatted or "bad" demographic data. Any employee that appears in this section will not be updated once you process the upload/import. Don't worry, though, these ignored users will not prevent the rest of the upload/import from being successfully applied to your account.

Users are grouped by issue type. Troublesome data fields are highlighted in yellow so you can quickly identify the underlying problem, resolve it in your source file/HRIS, and re-upload/import.

If you receive Error Code E69433878, please contact for assistance.



Hierarchy errors

Note: this section will only be visible if you have enabled a hierarchy within Culture Amp.

This section shows any errors that prevent Culture Amp from building a valid hierarchy from your data. 

You’ll need to correct these errors in your source data and re-import in order to proceed. Click here for more advice on correcting hierarchy validation errors



This section provides a detailed summary of the demographics found in your upload/import (e.g. Location), the different demographic values found for each demographic (e.g. San Francisco or Melbourne), and the total number of employees with each respective demographic value (the n-size, e.g. 138 users work in San Francisco). 

Note that any demographic values with the same characters but different capitalisation will be merged using the first value that was provided. For example, let’s say you created a "Location" demographic and assigned James to "New York", but Lucy and Alex to "new york".  Because these are duplicates, we’ll assign all three employees to "New York",  because that was the first of the two values that appeared in your data file. This ensures your employees are correctly grouped together.

Demographic values with an n-size below your reporting minimum will be highlighted in yellow. This provides a great opportunity for you to proactively combine any demographic values into a single larger group so you can report on them.

The section also calls out blank demographic values so you can find out how many employees are missing important demographic information. For example, if 287 of your employees do not have a location listed in your Excel file, they would be represented by a field labeled (No 'Location'). See the video below for an example.



Added/Removed/Update Users

These three sections list the total number of users that will be added to, deactivated (or removed) from, or updated in your account as a result of an upload/import. New or updated demographic values are highlighted in green so you can quickly see what data will change as a result of an upload.



NOTE: The Import Users process cannot be reversed. If you are unsure about any aspect of the process contact

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