11/27/17 - Improvement to Survey Design User Experience

We’ve ironed out a tricky experience during the survey edit/design process that was causing a lot of confusion for customers. 

When editing a survey, account administrators have the option of deleting individual questions or an entire section of questions. This update improves how we handle questions present inside of a section when that section is deleted.

With this change, a few actions occur when account administrators delete a section that contains questions:

  • These questions are now moved to the Questions Not Shown to Users section. This means these questions will not appear when your employees take a survey.
  • When moving questions from a deleted section, we also ensure these questions no longer appear in reports after your survey is launched (by removing the questions from all factors that they appear in).


Account administrators will still be able to recover and reuse these questions if they are still needed for surveys and reports. 

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