Guide to analyzing survey result reports

So you've just finished collecting data in Culture Amp for your first employee engagement survey. What should you be asking yourself as you start analyzing the data?

How do I understand what I am looking at?

There are a variety of numbers and displays, it is important you feel comfortable with what they represent. Read the hover overs carefully and use them to refresh your memory if necessary.

Where do the results match what we already thought we knew and where are they a little surprising?

This can be a good first exercise as you look over the data to gain some familiarity across all the results.

Do I have a good read on engagement across the company?

Get across your Engagement scores first and the strengths and opportunities that might exist in different areas of the company. Ultimately this is what you will want to drive change around as a focus, even though you will be working on more specific things to try and make this happen.

Do I have a good read on any themes in the top drivers?

There are a lot of data points - the driver analysis will really help you focus. You should ask yourself whether you could give an elevator spiel to your CEO on the key themes evident in your top drivers - including which areas of the business have strengths and opportunities.

Have I identified some constructive comments that help us understand the key themes in the engagement and top driver results?

Yes, don’t pour over them all at first but have a look for some that relate to the key themes in the results and put it in the employees voice. These are great for conveying the story to executives.

Have I contextualized the results in our broader company challenges.

Yes, it is good to give executives and others results but it can help the message if you have already acknowledged some of the reasons why some of the results might be the way they are and why there might be particular challenges. This is a good segue into explaining that you can still improve and make the company a greater place to work for all.

Can I identify 3-4 possible questions for action over the next quarter?

Yes, no more than this, and after that it is best to narrow it down to 1-2 that you feel you can really get some movement and interest and change around. This should be agreed upon and supported by senior executives and then communicated to all employees.

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