Prepare employee data for a bulk import

Before users can be loaded into Culture Amp in bulk, a file must exist with mandatory information, such as Name, Preferred Name and Employee ID/Email Address, as well as additional user information, such as Date of Birth, Start Date, End Date, Language and demographics. If you have hierarchies enabled, you’ll also need to include Manager Email or Manager ID. 

One way to obtain this file is to use Culture Amp to download all active users into an Excel file, or CSV (comma-separated values) file. Alternatively, your HR system may allow you to obtain this data. One advantage of using Culture Amp to download this file is that the preferred file layout is used for uploading users in bulk.

To get a file with active users

  1. click Account Admin button
  2. click Export Users icon
  3. click the Excel link, or
  4. click the CSV link
  5. locate the file in your Downloads directory

If you do not have access to Culture Amp, and want to prepare an employee file, you can use our Employee Data Template.

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