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Most surveys use email to inform participants about the objective of the survey and to issue a survey link to complete the survey. The welcome screen that is first displayed when a person clicks their survey link is another way to communicate information about the survey. All of these methods of communicating to participants are editable, so you can customize the message to reflect the language and tone that is familiar to your employees. The communications also use variables for things like the account name, survey name, salutation and close date, so that these items can be maintained in a central place in the system and automatically update the communications when altered. The following communications are editable:

  • Survey invite
  • First reminder email
  • Final reminder email
  • Welcome screen

The salutation (e.g. Hi Jane Doe) is populated by the Preferred Name demographic by default in engagement surveys. If you choose not to upload Preferred Name for your employees, the salutation will instead be populated using the Name demographic. Effectiveness and Experience surveys use the Name demographic by default in the salutation.

You can also edit the email sender name for all of your email communications. This is a great option if you want to personalize what employees first see when they receive survey email communications.


Exit/onboard surveys have additional email templates when the Survey & Interview workflow is used. Other system-generated emails used for password resets, inviting people to sign in to view reports, or granting of administrator access cannot be edited.


Steps to edit communications

  1. click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Survey Browser page
  2. click the Communications tab
  3. click the type of communications to be edited
  4. change the text for the subject line, or first paragraph, or sign off
  5. click Update
  6. click Preview to check the layout

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