Email Whitelisting

Whitelisting is something that will need to be done by the email or system administrators at your organization. It ensures that emails sent from Culture Amp aren't accidentally filtered out or put in a spam folder. In general we do not have any issues sending emails from Culture Amp, particularly for smaller organizations. However we do advise larger organizations and those that run their own mail servers to whitelist. The details you need to give to your system administrators are:

  • Emails from Culture Amp will come from the email address "" and the Sender name "Culture Amp". You can edit the Sender name on the Account Settings page to prefix your company name to say "Company X via Culture Amp"
  • Emails will also be sent from the IP Address "". This will also resolve as "".

In rare circumstances, heavy firewall restrictions can cause some problems with the survey experience. If respondents experience issues, we recommend whitelisting these additional URLs:

If your administrators have any issues or queries, please direct them to contact  

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