Etsy, Adobe, & Tumblr Talk Startup Culture


Our first startup culture talk in New York City at General Assembly was a discussion well worth sharing with all of you in our people geek network! The topic was Sustaining Your Startup Culture in the Face of Big Changes and featured guests from Adobe, Tumblr, and Etsy. Here's the video of the interview plus a few highlights from the discussion:


"...I give Adobe great credit for not going in [during an acquisition] and saying 'You need to adapt to who we are' but instead looking at the unique properties about this particular company we're acquiring and asking, how do we enable that?" - Ellie Gates, Adobe's Head of Global Management Effectiveness & Learning Strategy on Adobe's approach to acquistions
"...initially, lots of questions like 'What's going to change? Is what they're saying really true? Is Marissa going to screw it up?' And she really hasn't. We feel honored to be a part of their company...we've taken the best parts of Yahoo and added them to Tumblr." - Lindsey Dole, Tumblr's HR Director on Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr
"I think the sense of community is a really important thing [in startup culture]...not only around your product but with each other and to me, startup culture is really about helping people out." - Katie Hunt-Morr, Etsy's Senior Manager, Values & Impact on her definition of startup culture

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