Company Confidence/Performance

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The Shorter Version

This factor combines feedback from employees on how well they believe your company is performing from different angles. Employees are a great potential source of crowd sourcing information on this as they collectively can provide great insight from the ground up. This factor does represent outcomes that may be out of the scope of People Ops to address but can be an important message back up to leadership.


The Longer Version

Crowd sourcing employees views on company performance can be a powerful way to tap into the collective intelligence that exists in your company. Many of your employees interact with customers directly and may also in turn be customers or customers of some of your competitors. Employees will also encounter other people and professionals who may have experience or views about your company and the competitive landscape out there. Employees are also on the ground seeing how resources are deployed every day internally. High performing employees, just like athletes, want to be part of a winning team - and this factor can be a crucial indicator of how employees view your competitive edge.


Interpreting Scores

You should be aiming to see scores of 70%-75% to be keeping pace with fast growing innovative companies. If your score is falling under 55% you should look carefully at which questions are causing you the greatest pains and determine whether the score is consistent across all questions or driven by one of the areas in particular.


Thoughts on Actions

These are discussed in detail for each question individually. However, a general observation applies across the questions in this factor: these questions often pertain to high level strategic decisions that are not easily addressed purely from a People Ops perspective. For example, if your products and services are not seen as competitive by your employees this is clearly something that may need to be tackled by leadership, product development and many other teams in the organization.

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