Guide to engagement questions: likelihood to recommend

Why would I ask this question?

This is our version of the Employee Net Promoter Score question which is also often asked using a 0-10 scale and then calculated in a particular way. Our research tells us that the special calculations don't alter what is being measured and so we prefer to keep our question and calculations simple. This is a great question to include in an engagement index but we feel it may be over used as a single question measure for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people will say they will recommend but never actually do; sometimes people will recommend you but are still planning on leaving themselves; and sometimes people will recommend working in a company but feel completely unmotivated (e.g. overpaid with good perks but uninspired).

What other options are there?

Benchmark Variants Other Options (not benchmarked)
I would recommend ACME as a great place to work to friends and family I often recommend ACME as a great place to apply for a job
I would recommend ACME as a great place to suitable colleagues I would recommend ACME as a great place to work to anyone who asked


How should I think about results?

Benchmarks for this score are in the 80%-90% band amongst our clients - which is a very strong score on this measure. Scores on this question tend to indicate that people really like the conditions and the experience of working there - although it is not always matched by them being motivated or inspired. This question is a great guide to what it is like on the ground working there for the most part. Scores lower than 60% tend to suggest day to day problems or concerns working there.

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