What is Employee Engagement?

Our brief definition:

“The level of connection, motivation and commitment a person feels for the place
they work”

And our short primer:

  • Engagement is more than just job satisfaction or feeling happy at work
  • Engagement is broader than single metrics such as eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)

We often use 5 questions reflecting these concepts:

  • Recommendation
  • Motivation
  • Pride
  • Present Commitment
  • Future Commitment

Engaged employees lead to higher performing, more resilient organizations. It's what many organizations and employees aspire to. So what is engagement and how do we measure it? In this video, Jason introduces the concept of Employee Engagement, one of the fundamental concepts for many surveys in Culture Amp. Employee Engagement (See: Wikipedia Entry) has a number of definitions. In this primer, Jason gives his short version - Engaged employees are connected, motivated and committed to your organization. Engaged employees bring a lot of benefits. Many organizations seek out higher levels of engagement to improve things like performance, retention and innovation. So, where to start? One of the fundamentals is to measure engagement. In the video, Jason outlines some of the standard questions we use in Culture Amp.

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