Guide to heatmap comparisons

The Culture Amp platform also allows you to visually explore your data to spot demographic hotspots, microcultures and trends using Heatmaps. You can read some more on how these work in the platform here.

So, what is a Heatmap?

A Heatmap is a color coded table that will instantly draw your eyes to the highest and lowest scores as well as provide other visual cues as to where scores sit. We can also add elements that will draw attention to things that vary the most gain a sense of the overall position of parts of the business.


There is a lot of data here and you’ll need to resist the temptation to show this sort of data for every possible demographic and/or organizational grouping. We recommend you identify a maximum of three different variables to show. These should be those that will make the most sense to your audience and how they might be responsible for driving change in the organization. For example, showing departments or functions, and country/city locations can be useful as these are often the groups that action might be targeted at. 

Questions To Ask:

Looking at the demographics you have available in your survey, identify 2 or 3 that your leaders will be most interested in seeing the breakdown for (e.g. Department, Manager, Gender).

Within these demographic splits, are there any groups that stand out as particularly high or low?

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