Export a demographic heatmap

In your reporting dashboards you should see a Heatmap report option (if not you can ask us or your administrator for access). 

The report will display a heatmap automatically, see Demographic heatmap.

Building and exporting a demographic heatmap

If you want to massage the data before building a heatmap, e.g. remove some columns with insignificant n-sizes, or re-order columns based on logical groupings, then you can create your own heatmap using the steps below.

Step 1: Select the Demographic
You’ll want to decide what demographic you want to heatmap your organization with first. In this example we will use Department:


This will take you to the Heatmap where you will be able to see all of the Departments and how they will be compared to the overall company score (∆ = deltas). You can toggle between standard scores and deltas by selecting the % or ∆ button.


Step 2: Export Based on Demographic Data
Use the Export link and select Export to Excel to export the data to a formatted Excel file.

After you export and save the Excel file just open it and you will see all of your survey data cut by Departments. For now we’ll just focus on the main factors from the survey. Your sheet will look like something like this.


Step 3: Format Your Heatmap
From there you can format the table as desired, removing irrelevant columns, change widths or order of columns, etc.





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