Presenting Your Results & Finding A Focus

After you've gone through the Results Call - Getting Started Guide, had your results call and taken down some notes (via the section prompts) you're probably now thinking about how you might communicate and present the results to your leaders or even the whole company. This can also be a little overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. We're here to help with that too!

And Culture Amp clients also have access to our R2A Presentation Template and Guide. We'll send it to you just before your first survey closes.

The first thing to consider is just how much of the data you might present or share in this first presentation or communication. We recommend accepting (with open arms) that it is not ideal to present all of your data and every possible cut and slice. There is usually just far too much data and using such an approach will typically lead to a common case of 'analysis paralysis'. Remember, it's not data alone that is going to create culture change, it will be the focus, conversations, actions, experimentation and tracking of results over time that will help create real change. 

The note prompts we've built into our results guide have been designed with a presentation and decision making framework in mind. So you'll be able to refer to your notes as we take you through the process. The process is designed to encourage you and your leaders to identify some key findings and then focus that down even further to just TWO focus areas (plus a quick win). That's right, just two - a Primary and a Secondary focus for action and a quick win (something you can do in one or two weeks).

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