2016 Culture Amp Benchmarks

Benchmarks can provide you with some additional and important insight. You can read some more about our general advice on using benchmarks here if you haven't already.

The following provides a summary of the 2016 Employee Engagement benchmarks available. You can request any of these be included in your dashboards. We'll assess the match to our core questions and you'll see the relevant benchmark data in your reports. 

Remember you'll mostly see this at the question level unless you have exact matches for all questions in a given survey factor. Benchmarks are best interpreted at the question level anyway.

Here's the list of the 2016 benchmarks available at the moment (more to come).

New Tech Family: Our most comprehensive new technology company benchmarks that are also used as the basis for research used in our New Tech Benchmark Report. This year we have a range of options for New Tech companies of different sizes.

Engaging Growth: This benchmark is made up of companies from a range of industries that are high on growth (they're hiring fast) but also high on Engagement and retention - something that can be hard for fast growing companies. They're the ones looking to steal your best people.

Retail & Hospitality '16: The Retail & Hospitality benchmark combines companies that have a large portion of their people working directly on the ground serving customers.

Professional Services '16: The Professional Services benchmark is made up of companies that provide those abstract but vital services in our modern economies.

Media & Creative '16: The Creative & Media benchmark (Media Companies & Creative Agencies)  is made up of companies that produce and/or sell digitized content (text, graphics, audio, and video) that can be transmitted over internet or computer networks.

Mixed Non-Tech '16: This benchmark encompasses a range of companies from all over the world and a variety of industries (excluding New Tech).

Aus & NZ '16: This benchmark encompasses a range of companies who primarily operate out of Australia. The benchmark includes a mix of New Tech and more traditional companies in a range of sectors.

NB. Culture Amp updates benchmarks using sophisticated text matching and expert checking at the question level. For any given benchmark group (e.g. New Tech) we provide a variety of more specific benchmark cuts and we can provide descriptions of the overall group (including sample sizes and other information). We only provide benchmark comparisons where there are at least ~60%+ of the group who have used an acceptable version of that question which means the sample sizes are always of sufficient size for reliable comparisons statistically. However, for the majority of questions we typically have 80%+ of companies in the group represented. This is due to our method of focusing companies on our core questions and using sophisticated text matching to ensure we capture all acceptable variants of a given question.

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