Results Presentation Guide


Here, we outline the key sections we recommend using for an effective presentation. The sections are designed to help you and your leaders identify candidate areas for action and then narrow this down to your final focus areas and some commitments. Feel free to use the template we have attached below!

The sections we'll describe here are:

Intro: These slides should cover the format for the presentation, some definitions of concepts and benchmarks, and what was done to collect the data.

Where are we now?: These slides should cover any previously relevant data, key movements in outcomes of interest and where you currently stand on any key outcomes.

Highs and Lows: These slides should cover your highest (strengths) and lowest (opportunities) scoring questions, together with the same when compared to previous data or benchmarks. A good final slide is one to pause and reflect on the highs and lows and identify what you think really stands out from these questions.

Driver Analysis and Impact Questions: These slides present the top 10 impact questions in different ways and allow you to focus on the questions that are likely to have the biggest impact on overall Engagement. A good final slide here is another place to pause and capture which of the impact questions stand out as something you and your leaders might like to tackle for action.

Company Comparisons: These slides are not used by all people because they show side by side comparisons for some of the key groups or demographics in your organization. Hence people can be sensitive about their own department or areas positioning here. 

Comments: These slides show samples of comments from open ended questions and are best seen as supporting the previously presented data.

Focus & Action: This section is about action vs. inaction and a great opening slide can shows some examples of what might be likely to happen if you choose to do nothing about the results. This is then followed by slides where you review the stand outs identified earlier and prompt conversation towards deciding on final focus areas and commitments.

Feel free to use the template attached below to get you started with your presentation!


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