2016 New Tech Benchmark Family


The New Tech numbers tell a story of (mostly) young and fast growing companies that are some of the most in-demand places to work in the world right now. But what makes a New Tech company is not their age, size or industry - it is their approach to business. All of our New Tech companies are disruptive at their hearts; internet-based or focused on creating bold new technologies.

Companies & People

150+ companies and 60,000 + people in industries including:

  • online retail, publishing, entertainment, education, travel & storage
  • online business services and software development
  • games and application development
  • emerging energy and high tech manufacturing technologies

New Tech Data Options

New Tech '16: Benchmark data from all our New Tech companies. This is the biggest New Tech dataset and the most robust overall representation of the industry.

New Tech '16 | Top 10%: This benchmark is a great high performance aspirational benchmark that represents the point at which scores are in the top 10% of all companies on any given question. 

New Tech '16 | Sub 200: This is a benchmark narrowed down to just New Tech companies with 200 or fewer people. This is particularly useful is you're still definitely under 200 people. There are 80+ companies in this benchmark and around 10,000+ people in this benchmark. Median size is around 120. Median funding to date was ~40M USD. 10% has been acquired, 0% IPO, all others were non-public.

New Tech '16 | 200-500: This benchmark captures data from the mid tier sized New Tech companies that have surpassed the 200 people milestone but not yet cracked the 500+ size. There are 40+ companies in this benchmark and 15,000+ people in this benchmark. Median size is around 350. Median funding to date was ~115M USD. 8% had been acquired, 5% IPO, all others were non-public.

New Tech '16 | 500+: This benchmark is for 500+ New Tech companies and represents a point at which most companies begin to have more complex structures. Most companies are still well short of 5000 people in this benchmark though. There are 30+ companies in this benchmark and 30,000+ people. Median size is around 1000. Median funding to date was around 215M USD. 10% had been acquired, 35% IPO, all others were non-public.

NB. All of the above benchmarks have similar figures and make up as per below.

Response Rates

Median was 87%

~30% companies had 90% response rate or higher


US ~70% Australia/New Zealand ~10% UK ~5% Other global ~15%


Average total funding was ~ $240M; Median $77M

Range from 1.5M to 5B+

  • Pre Series A ~2%
  • Stage A ~5%
  • Stage B ~12%
  • Stage C ~13%

Exited (Acquired)

  • ~10% Exited (IPO)
  • ~9% Exited (other)
  • ~2% Late ~30%

Employee Numbers & Growth

Average people count ~ 400; Median ~170

Six monthly people growth is ~40%; Median ~ 15%

The top 10% are growing 100%+ per year

The top 5% are growing 150%+ per year


Median age is ~8 years and ~70% are less than 10 years old


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