Results Presentation (Driver Analysis & Impact Questions)

Now you've covered the highs and lows it is time to turn to the questions identified by the driver analysis as those with the biggest potential impact on Engagement. Some of these may overlap with the highs and lows but they may be completely different questions. 

We recommend showing the top 10 impact questions together as a group together with the scores for the questions. If you're not confident explaining what the analysis is and what you're looking at you should do some revision and we also recommend the following short description.

Driver analysis involves assessing how engaged each individual is and then looking at how they responded to other questions. So, when people above average on engagement (relative to everyone else in the organization) what other questions are they above average on? This can help us understand what things make people more or less engaged in our organization and what questions will give us the best chance for improving Engagement levels.

NB. You can have impact questions with high or low average scores because we assess how people respond versus the average. See here for more detail on this.

The final slide should again be a place to capture your thoughts on what are the biggest standout questions. Ask yourself and/or your audience if they notice any themes like questions on similar topics or drivers with relatively low scores that might provide a good opportunity for improvement. You should also consider which of the questions seem the most actionable or which would tie into existing strategic initiatives in place or being planned now anyway.

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