Age and tenure demographics

If Date of Birth and Start Date are included in your employee data file, Culture Amp will be able to automatically calculate age and tenure bands for you to filter by in your reports. The bands are as follows:

Age Tenure
Less than 18 years

Less than 3 months

18-24 years 3-6 months
25-34 years 6-12 months
35-44 years 1-2 years
45-54 years 2-4 years
55-64 years 4-6 years
65+ years 6-10 years
  10+ years 

What if we don't want to use these bands?

That's fine - you can upload the Age and Tenure categories that you prefer to use as a pre-loaded demographic, or ask participants to nominate their category as a self-reported demographic. If you pre-load this data, because it is loaded at a specific point in time, it will become out of date if you want to use the data for future surveys.

An advantage of having Culture Amp calculate Age and Tenure, is that the data will always be re-calculated automatically for each future survey, using the Date of Birth and Start Date fields. It's a 'set and forget' configuration option for your account.

What is the cut-off between bands?

If someone is exactly on the cusp of two bands, the platform will move them up to the next band. For example, the boundary for being displayed as ‘2-4 years’ is when the date range equals exactly 2 years or more. That is, someone with a start date of exactly two years ago (two years back from today's date) will appear as 2-4 years, but someone with a start date of 1 day under 2 years appears as 1-2 years.

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