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Culture Amp requires names, email addresses, manager information and demographic details of people to be surveyed. This data changes over time, and can be used for different surveys.

Users can be added to Culture Amp one at a time, even when a survey is running, however at times it is faster and more accurate to add users in a single upload process. The Import Users process is also useful when the existing data is out of date. For example, when people have moved to new departments, new recruits are missing in the system, people have since left, etc. The Import Users process involves three main steps:

  1. Download user information to a file
  2. Update that information, add or remove people
  3. Upload the updated file

There are two import formats for file uploads: partial imports and full imports. With partial imports, you can use the import wizard to upload, review, and apply updates to a subset of your employees. Employees not included in the upload will remain active and unchanged in Culture Amp. To overwrite all user data already the system and deactivate users not present in the file, you can choose a full import.

The import users wizard in Culture Amp displays a summary of the data, requiring confirmation before the upload is processed. This is done to allow corrections or changes to the data to be made, if required. This is necessary because the Import Users process cannot be reversed. Care must be taken to ensure the data is clean and accurate. A final page is used in the wizard to summarize the changes to be made before processing.

What's not included?

Some user information is not included in the Import Users process, such as:

  • Observer flag (used to exclude people from being survey participants, but give them access to reporting)
  • Ability to set a person up as an Account Administrator or a Survey Administrator (this must be done manually after the Bulk Edit process)

Users can be intended as active or inactive in Culture Amp, depending on whether an End Date is included in the data file being uploaded.

Timing of changes made

The new user data is only effective for future surveys. Any past survey responses cannot be affected by changes made during the Import Users process. This is also true for any manual changes made to a user's information. Culture Amp will always retain responses that were recorded at the time of the survey launch, using the demographics and user information that existed at that time.

If you require a live or closed survey to have user data updated, please reach out to for investigation. Updated will not be made if a person's survey response can be deduced from the data changes. 

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