Guide to survey launch: communication design

When your survey is launched, Culture Amp automatically manages communications with survey participants for you. Emails come from Culture Amp will issue 3 email communications to participants for the life of the survey:

The dates that these invites are issued are configurable, but typically a survey will run over 1 - 2 weeks, with the first reminder being issued at the halfway mark, and the final reminder being issued on the last day that the survey is open. Reminders are only issued to people who have not yet completed the survey.

Example of invite email

The salutation (e.g. Hi Jane Doe) is populated by the Preferred Name demographic by default in engagement surveys. If you choose not to upload Preferred Name for your employees, the salutation will instead be populated using the Name demographic. Effectiveness and Experience surveys use the Name demographic by default in the salutation.

You're welcome to customize the first paragraph of the Survey Invite email, and the dates will of course reflect your survey close date. Everything after the first paragraph is standard as it covers off reporting rules and the fact that we are a third party helping you out with the survey.

If you want to further personalize what employees see when they receive survey email communications, we recommend modifying the email sender name.

While Culture Amp manages automated communications during the survey period, it's really important that you also provide some additional communications about the survey prior to launch so that employees understand why the survey is happening and what to expect.

Here's an email template that we suggest you use - Pre-Survey Comms. We also recommend you start thinking about how to promote your survey.

  1. Make modifications to the default email text in survey communications.
  2. Consider updating the sender name for your email outreach.
  3. Send any additional internal support email addresses to to be included in the last sentence of the survey communications email.
  4. Preview the emails to check them.
  5. Consider when you'd like to launch the survey, and how soon after the launch to send first and final reminders.
  6. Use the Launch Plan page to select dates. Be conscious of any holidays, or other days when employees may be unavailable.

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