Comment Tags to Classify Free-Text Answers

Please note: the Comment Tags feature described below is being phased out, and is no longer available for newly-created surveys. Please contact if this is causing problems for you. 

Purpose of comment tags

Comment tags let people classify their comment for you into a category that you define as part of the free-text question. e.g. you may have a question like "Please describe whether you think we should have more or less meetings here" and people would type their answer, then classify their comment as 'More' or 'Less'.

When you later review all the comments for that question, you can automatically filter by each comment tag to read all the 'More' answers versus the 'Less' answers. If you export your comments, the tags are exported too.

You can also get a count of how many people used each tag by looking at the select questions bar charts from the Insight report.


We don't recommend using comment tags that much, as we don't like to lead people's answers and make them choose a category. If they type text in a free-text comment field, then pick a category, they may go back and amend their text to fit the categories offered. They also can't choose more than one category, so it can be limiting. 

To set up comment tags

  1. Edit the free-text question on the Design page
  2. Click Answer Details link
  3. Click add tag link
  4. Type the tag name
  5. Create an 'Other' tag to let people classify their comment when the existing tags don't quite work for them

You can drag and drop each tag to re-order them. Once your survey has launched, and people have started to use the comment tags, you can filter by each tag in the Comments report.


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