Creating Surveys

You must be an Account Administrator to create surveys. You can add surveys to your Culture Amp account using the Create Survey button on the Surveys page. Each survey has a count of questions and time estimate to complete the survey, to help you choose the best survey for your needs. Creating surveys can be done in one of three ways: Copy existing, create from template, or create a blank survey.


Copy an existing survey

You can use a survey that has already been designed or used at your organization.

  1. Click the Create Survey button on the Surveys page
  2. Browse the list displayed on the Your Surveys tab and click Preview to take a look at the questions.
  3. Click Copy Survey button when you've found the right one.

See Copy an existing survey for additional tips.


Create a new survey from a template

Use one of our survey templates to get up and running fast. To see a list of Culture Amp templates, click the Create Survey button on the Surveys page and navigate to Templates. You can preview a template or add it to your Surveys page.


Create a blank survey

If no existing surveys and templates really suit what you're looking for, you can make your own survey using the Create Blank Survey button.  

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