Guide to engagement questions: organizational pride


Why would I ask this question?

This question is sometimes referred to as the 'BBQ test' - would an employee be proud to tell someone where they worked if asked at a BBQ? Scores on this questions reflect levels of brand and mission affiliation. It is sometimes a lag indicator when a company has a strong brand but it is important that employees are connected and proud of your brand and it can make them want to stay with you. It can also give you some crowd-sourced insight into how your external brand is viewed internally which is great People Intelligence. This question is an excellent engagement question, however, on its own, it's usually not enough. This is why we combine it with several other engagement questions to create a robust engagement index.


What other options are there?

Benchmark Variants Other Options (not benchmarked)
I am proud to be associated with ACME I am proud of the culture we have at ACME
I am proud to tell people I work at ACME  


How should I think about results?

The benchmark for this question is actually 80%-90% which is quite high - and probably reflects the quality of brands in the benchmark data. However, scores for this question should be quite high in most cases - at least above 70% - and if not there might be some concern about your brand or if you're really communicating an effective mission and vision to your employees.


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