Guide to engagement questions: commitment

Why would I ask this question?

This is often referred to as a commitment or stay question and it can be a nice reality check for companies that have very high scores on the other engagement questions. We ask people whether they think about looking for a job elsewhere because it is very easy for most people to answer and those who are truly engaged often find they just don't think about it very often. Like most questions though we don't use the word 'never' because such words usually lead to almost everyone disagreeing. This question also tends to show greater variation than other questions because even slightly disengaged employees start to consider looking elsewhere and this can lead to areas of companies showing quite low scores on this. 

What other options are there?

  • I’m not interested in looking for a job at another company (benchmarked)
  • I rarely think about leaving ACME to work somewhere else (benchmarked)
  • Even if I was offered a similar job for similar pay at another company I would stay at ACME (not benchmarked)
  • It would take a lot to make me consider leaving ACME (not benchmarked)

How should I think about results?

Benchmarks for this question tend to be moderate and even amongst our clients the average band is 55%-60%. 70% on this question is generally a very strong score for example. The question can be very useful when a company had very high scores on the other engagement questions and it can also show greater variation across demographics so can help you identify where engagement levels are lower and higher in the company. Scores below 40% are typically a strong indicator of potential churn.


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