Guide to engagement questions: retention

Why would I ask this question?

Similar to the commitment question "I rarely think about looking for a job at another company" but with a specific time frame in mind. This question is useful to assess how employees currently see your company within the context of their career because even employees who are not looking for another job may not intend to stay for another two years. The question often has similar responses to the other commitment question but not always and it can also be combined with that question to form a retention index if that is of particular interest. 


What other options are there?

Non-Benchmark Variants
I see myself still working at in one years time (2013 benchmark only) I am planning to stick around at for the foreseeable future
I see myself still working at in three year's time (2013 benchmark only) Even if I had another job opportunity I think I would still view as the best option for me


How should I think about results?

Similar to the above question benchmark scores are moderate and the benchmark for this question is in the 65%-75% range. This question helps to provide extra context for the other commitment type question above - except it places a specific time frame around people's intentions. We often suggest looking at these two questions together to see if they tell you a similar story. If your score is higher on this question then you can discount concerns from the above question a little but typically they do move together and can form a good retention guideline together.

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