Sharing survey results and reports

Once your survey results are ready share, you can start thinking about rolling them out to various people within the organization by using the Report Sharing function.


If you like being ahead of the curve you can even begin setting up access to reports before the survey launches so that managers can monitor and encourage greater participation from their teams once the survey goes live.

TIP: When you set up report access, people can sign in and see data immediately, so make sure you are ready for them to take a look.

Report Options

  • Participation: Users will only have access to the Participation report - great for group managers that are responsible for encouraging people to respond to the survey
  • Standard: Users will have access to Participation, Insights and Questions reports - great for executives, and managers to get the information that they need without drowning in too much information
  • Advanced: Users will additionally have access to all the reports including the Heatmap and Custom reports - great for the CEO + HR + People & Culture teams to slice and dice the data
  • Comments (optional): User will additionally see comments displayed within the other reports, as well as view the Comments report 

How to share reports

  1. Under the Sharing page, click Create Report to add a new report
  2. Decide if you want this report to be an All Results report (whole of company) or a report that is limited to a Demographic (people will only see their Department, for example)
  3. Give your report a name and a description for ease of reference
  4. Decide if you want people with access to this report to have the ability to filter the results further by other demographics or classifications (exit and onboard surveys only), if so, select all the filters that you want them to use
  5. Decide if you want them to have access to the Comments report
  6. Click Create Report to save
  7. Back on the Sharing page, click the arrow to expand, or click anywhere on the report name to expand that section
  8. For any values in bold, click the Assign Viewers icon on the far right
  9. Start assigning the users that you would like to have access to that report by typing a part of their name in to locate them in the list
  10. Click Save
  11. You can preview the reports by clicking the View (eye) icon to get an idea of the reports and filters that are included
  12. When you're ready to release the reports, you can email these users and let them know they can sign in, and what to do next (example email here). 

The labels used on the report sharing page are:

  • Unreportable means that group will always be too small to be able to share reports based on their data, as their group size is less than the Reporting Group Minimum set for the survey.
  • Not Yet Reportable is only used for surveys that are still open to indicate that not enough responses have been received to date
  • Insufficient Responses is only used for closed surveys to indicate that not enough responses were received

Tips and Tricks

Set up your managers up with the Participation report and limit their view to this report while the survey is still live - this can help to avoid them focusing on results that aren't stable yet. Once the survey is closed and you're ready to release results, use the Edit Report link, and change it from a Participation report to Standard report so that you don't have to re-do the access again.

NOTE: This feature requires report sharing to be enabled for your survey.  Please contact the Support Team to request this at if you don't see a Sharing option under Reports Configuration heading. 

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