Uploading the User File

NOTE: We're in the process of revamping the Import Wizard so updating your users via file upload or HRIS integration sync is even easier. Check out this announcement or read the more detailed how-to if you are keen to learn more.

When uploading employee information into Culture Amp, the file must:

  • Be complete, i.e. contain a row for every user in the organization to be surveyed
  • Use a file extension of .xlsx or .csv
  • Not contain any special characters or punctuation in the file name
  • Only contain one sheet of data
  • Not use a password

You can download a copy of your existing file in Culture Amp, or to start from scratch, use our employee file template

To import active user information

  1. Click Administration button
  2. Click Import Users button
  3. Click Choose File button
  4. Browse to the updated file of users
  5. Click Upload button

The Import Users wizard is displayed, and allows a review of the user information for checking purposes.

Any errors in the data are displayed and must be corrected before proceeding. If you receive Error Code E69433878, please contact for assistance.

The Import Users process can be re-started at any stage using the Restart link.


Step 1

Lists the user's personal details and demographic details that were detected in the file. Any new columns that were added when updating the file are displayed with '(new)' after the column name. If a demographic column was deleted, this is listed under a separate heading for checking. Similarly if a column of personal details is missing, this column name is displayed separately.

Confirm that all columns in the file are listed. Check there were no columns removed unintentionally.Click Yes to proceed.

Step 2

Review of which rows are affected, with at least one of the changes to be made listed. Symbols are used to indicate the type of change:

 User is to be added to Culture Amp as active

 User is kept active in Culture Amp, but one or more items of data are to be changed. Note: this step does not list every change to be made to each user, just one change only.

 User is to be made inactive in Culture Amp 

 Error in user data

 No change in user data Note: when a user's email address is changed, this appears as a 'new' user being added and the user with the old email address being removed.

Confirm the additions, changes and removals are as expected.If there are errors, click Restart and fix the errors in the data file, then upload againIf there are no errors, click Yes to proceed.

Step 3

Lists the first demographic column in the file for detailed review. Displays demographic values user headings:Demographics too small to report - there are not enough people using this demographic to have their survey results displayed in reportsDemographics that are borderline - as above, but there may be enough people to just make it for reporting, if they all participateDemographics that are likely - these will probably be fine for reporting purposesThis step is repeated for every demographic found in the data file.

If reporting is important, fix the demographic values that are too small/borderline by merging them into a new, broader demographic. Use the new demographic value in the data file, and click Restart to upload again.If reporting is not important, click Skip orYes to proceed

Step 4

Summary of changes to be made for final review.

Confirm all changes to be made. Once Process is clicked, the changes cannot be reversed. Click Process to proceed.


NOTE: The Import Users process cannot be reversed. If you are unsure about any aspect of the process contact


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