Why is my response important?

How will my answers be used?

Survey information is used in a variety of ways. At Culture Amp we deal with a lot of organizations conducting surveys of their employees. Almost universally these companies have a genuine desire to connect with their employees and make positive changes. Talking to employees is the quickest and most direct method - that is, someone could just ask you for your opinion. However, surveys provide an opportunity to gather feedback in a different way. First and foremost, surveys allow for the confidential collection of feedback. This isn't always possible in other forums. Surveys also allow for an analytical view of the data. Surveys let organizations see trends over time. A simple conversation is very powerful, but it's very difficult to turn that into a reasonably objective, organization-wide picture. This is where surveys become essential.


Is it just a waste of my time?

We don't see that a lot. Generally nobody begrudges doing a survey if they see real, positive change from it. The organizations we see genuinely want to make a positive change from their surveys. It's possible that there may not be any change from your survey. Or there may be, but you're not getting to see or hear about it. Sometimes it just takes time. If you feel that is the the case, we'd encourage you to discuss with your manager and HR representatives and let them know. If that's not possible for you, see if you can let them know via the survey. It's possible to have serious issues with your organization. We hope the survey is your opportunity to convey that and get heard. Your engagement in this process is one of the best mechanisms for enabling real change to occur.


I get surveyed too much.

Getting surveyed too much is an intrusion and we recognize that. As with the previous question, it's important that the contribution you're making is recognized. We see terrific results from surveys. If you think the frequency or content of your surveys is affecting your results, let us know via the comments. Finally, we spend a bit of time trying to make our surveys as quick and easy to complete as possible. At the completion of any Culture Amp survey you get to give us feedback. If there is a way we can make the experience better, please let us know. We're listening.

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