Oct 5th 2015 - New release

A few smaller changes, but hopefully changes for the better!

Sort order of Demographic heatmap

When viewing the Demographics report, they are sorted left to right according to the number of responses gathered per demographic group. We wanted to show you the biggest groups first.

But when viewing demographics like Age and Tenure, it's easier to review this data in a more logical order, such as younger people first moving across to older people.

PDF exports of Demographic heatmap

Due to the new heatmap feature, we wanted to fit more columns in to the PDF export, so have made the page a landscape orientation. The PDF export also includes a summary at the top of scores per factor, then beneath this summary are the scores for every question assigned to a factor.

Save comments when internet connection is lost

If a survey participant has network issues when completing a survey, they now get a message that they are 'offline' and their comments are saved. When their connection returns, the comments can be submitted to Culture Amp (instead of having to re-type them).

One of our awesome Engineers built this during a Project Day!



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