Guide to getting started with survey results

It can be both exciting and a little overwhelming once you have all of your results in. A typical survey will generate a lot of data and there are just so many different angles you might use to look at the data. However, in our experience it is crucial in to identify some of the biggest trends in your results, communicate your findings as quickly as possible, and then move on to the most important thing for building a better culture - involving your people in understanding and acting on some of the key findings together. 

This 'Getting Started Guide' is designed to be used prior to, during and after your results call. It could also be used a stand-alone-guide or refresher if you've got some new results.

In this series of articles we'll take you through our approach to identifying some key things to focus on as an organization. We'll be focusing on the example of an Engagement survey but the same principles can apply to other surveys such as our Manager 180 Feedback survey.

There is also a print-friendly version with space to take notes (If you want to use it in electronic format just save a duplicate and you'll be able make edits).

The key steps we'll cover are:

Participation Rates

Engagement Scores

Highest & Lowest Scoring Questions

Impact Questions

Demographic Spreadcharts

Comparisons Using Heatmaps


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