2016 Australia & New Zealand Benchmark Profile


This benchmark encompasses a range of companies who primarily operate out of Australia. The benchmark includes a mix of New Tech and more traditional companies in a range of sectors.

Companies & People

50+ companies and 30,000+ people from industries such as:
New Tech (e.g. Finance, Insurance, Retail, Design, Business Services)
Retail (product manufacturing and stores)
Hospitality (restaurants, food services, hotels)
Financial Services (banking, insurance, investment and other services)
Manufacturing (Heavy and Light)
Sporting Clubs and Bodies
Health Services
Professional Services (Engineering, Consulting, etc.)
Transport & Logistics

Average size ~500 people
90% have < 1,000

Response Rates

Average was 78%
~75% surveys had 72% response rate or higher


Australia ~90%
New Zealand ~10%

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